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Swim Spa – The Olympic

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size 4.30m x 2.50m x 1.35m

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The Olympic is a 2 seater swim spa option with swim lane jets to keep you in the optimum swimming position with plenty of leg room to swim.

The serious swimmer's dream delight! Over 15 feet long, with four swim jets and Sunbelt's unique Swim Lane System of side jets, the Olympic is tailor-made for the swimming enthusiast. The swim jets create currents from a gentle flow - perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises up to a 400 GPM rush that will give serious recreational swimmers a chance to really let out their stroke.

As experienced swimmers know, one of the challenges is "staying in your lane." Differences in side strength and stroke patterns create a tendency to pull to one side or another. Sunbelt 's unique Swim Lane System keeps you "in the groove" with 16 sides thrust jets that keep you centred in the swim lane. After a good swim, relax with a soothing massage in one of the two multi-jet Captain's Chairs at the spa end.

  • Seats 2 Adults
  • 4.30m x 2.50m x 1.35m
  • 15 Therapy Jets
  • 4 Power Swim Jets
  • 2 x 3 KW Heater
  • 2 x Waterfalls
  • Mood EFX LED Lighting
  • Programmable Filtration System
  • ABS Base
  • Maintenance Free Cabinet
  • 1 Swim Lane
  • 35 Chrome Jets
  • 16 Swim Lane
  • 4 x 5HP 56 Frame Pumps
  • Dual Controls
  • Easy Access Filter
  • UltraPureT Ozone Installed
  • Individual Seat/Power Control
  • 32 Spot Edge LED lighting
  • 40 Amp Supply Required

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