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AromaSteam - Harmony

AromaSteam - Harmony

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The Magic Of Steam & Aromatherapy

For lifting the spirits and rejuvenating the body and soul, the combination of aromatherapy and steam is a powerful one. Essential oils arouse the most sophisticated sense: Smell. The molecules in the oils are absorbed through the skin into your body, promoting relaxation and healing. Steam is the most natural and effective means of delivery.

Key Benefits

Cleanse and rejuvenate
As steam gets to work on your body, the pores of the skin gently open, purging the body of impurities and re-hydrating tired cells. The skin is left feeling healthier and glowing.

Raise your body's defenses
Steam gently raises your body's core temperature - stimulating your metabolism and naturally boosting your immune system.

Relaxation of the mind and body
The penetrating warmth of the steam reaches deep inside muscles and joints, helping to relieve tension, aches and pains.

Respiratory conditions eases
Steam inhalation helps to relieve congestion and is a proven treatment for conditions such as asthma.

The unique AromaSteam products combine the benefits of steam and aromatherapy with the convenience of a collapsible, transportable unit. We do two different models of AromaSteam's:

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