Massage Chairs from O2Relax help neck, shoulders, and lower back, ensuring you will experience a massage that will relieve your body muscular tension.
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Massage Chair: Relax Massage Chair

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A massage chair that massages in sync with music!

Stress is the key factor that defines today's hectic urban lifestyle. It often leads to tense muscles and a tense mind which makes you feel irritable and unable to concentrate.

Master Relax introduces a refreshing way to boost your well-being by bringing together the stress-relieving and health enhancing benefits of massage and music to alleviate tension from your body, mind and soul.

Master Relax is a stylish yet affordable massage chair designed for the simultaneous restorative benefits of massage and music. Simply connect your favourite MP3 player or CD player to the Master Relax Massage Chair to achieve a synchronisation of massage and music.

Feel your stress gradually dissipate as it kneads, taps and rolls to the rhythm and volume of your selected tunes. And as the skillful massage techniques target your problem areas to coax tension away from your body, your favourite music soothes and rejuvenates your mind, leaving you refreshed, renewed and restored.

There are five key Massage Modes:


Music-Sync Massage

Music selected from your MP3 or CD player is transformed into a synchronised massage.


Customised Backrest Massage

3 Massage modes of backrest massage positions provide you an all-rounded massage.


Tapping Massage

Percussive tapping works on the acupoints at your back. You can also choose spot tapping to relax muscles and relieve pain.


Kneading Massage

Kneading action works on every inch of your body, giving you that "WOW" factor.

Knead and tapping-massage

Kneading and Tapping Massage

A combination of kneading and tapping actions works along with your back at the same time.

Ottoman Rotational Footrest Offers Two different massage functions in one button:

  • Kneading Massage-Gentle and penetrating kneading actions on the acupoints effectively recover the agility and flexibility of muscles.
  • Vibration Massage-Gentle and penetrating kneading actions on the acupoints effectively recover the agility and flexibility of muscles.

Ottoman can be rotated optionally between 0 and 340 against the floor.

Relax Massage Chair Also Features:

  • Full Frequency Speakers.
  • Two full frequency speakers give you a relaxing massage while enjoying your music.
  • Rotary Chair Frame.
  • Chair frame can be rotated at desired angles between 0 and 90.
  • Spring backrest designed to fit your body contour, effectively enhances the massage experience.
  • An external player audio link is available for connecting your MP3 player or CD player.
  • Colour availability: Red / Brown / Green.
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