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Massage Chair: Paradise Massage Chair

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At last - a massage chair that looks as good as it feels!

The paradise massage chair is the culmination of years of research and development which has lead to this extraordinary system that emulates techniques used by massage and chiropractic professionals for back and spinal care.

Human Touch Technolog® starts with a multi-patent pending mechanism that works like "wrists and arms." Then we added "the hands" -- massage discs that move three-dimensionally to approximate the human touch.

The massage system is controlled by a handheld pad, which gives single button access to preset programs. It also allows you to choose rolling, tapping or kneading massage to your exact need.

At the touch of a button the chair can take you through the following massages:



Feels like the heels of a professional therapist’s hands firmly pushing on muscles alongside your spine, and inward toward the spine itself. This mode aids in impoving mobility and posture.



Feels like thumbs pressing firmly in a circular motion on both sides or the spine. This therapeutic motion goes deeper, lifting and stretching muscles to improve circulation.



Feels like the gentle hands of a massage therapist, pressing firmly on one side of your spine, then the other. It relieves tension and loosens the muscles to prepare your back for deeper massage.



eels like fists or the edge of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles. This is the deep muscle therapy popular in sports medicine. It flexes spinal joints, relieves pressure, and invigorates your entire back.


Calf Massage

The Rotating calf and foot massage footrest massages your calves or your feet.


Foot Massage

he foot massager employs the same mechanism, Human Touch Technology®, as the back massage system in these chairs. Feels like human hands squeezing your feet.

Additional exclusive features of the Paradise Massage Chair include:

You can now have your own therapist on hand 24/7 in the comfort of your own home. Astral massage recliners can give you the benefits of regular massage such as:

  • Human Touch Technology the most advanced robotic massage system available.
  • Curve Track will penetrate higher into the neck and follow the contour of your back by your lumbar area.
  • 4 Massage Functions including Rolling, Kneading, Compression, and Percussion in multiple speeds.
  • 2 Programmed Sessions allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy one of two individual 15 minute pre-programmed massage sessions with the touch of a button.
  • Power Recline allows you to adjust the back of the chair with the hand-held controller.
  • Robotic Rotating Calf & Foot Massager footrest has 2 speeds and a program
  • Adjustable Height for the length of the massage stroke for normal and tall heights.
  • Luxurious Leather
  • Hand-Polished Solid Wooden Armrests.
  • Ergonomic designed headrest.
  • Range Control to customize the location of the kneading and compression functions.
  • Rugged construction and virtually maintenance-free.

Dimensions: Width 72cm. Front to Back in upright position 80cm, reclined 145 cm.

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