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Massage Chairs

O2 Relax Massage massagers incorporates ergonomic and modern design providing you with a comfortable and functional piece of therapeutic furniture.

O2 Relax Massage Chairs can give you the benefits of regular massage such as increased circulation, toxin removal, improved skin tone, improved digestion, enhanced sleep, as well as relief from neck and back pain, tired feet and legs, sore muscles, nervous tension and relaxation of the nervous system.

You can now have your own therapist on hand 24/7 in the comfort of your own home.

We offer 3 models:

Massage Chair - Paradise Chair

Paradise Chair

our price: £1,199
inc delivery & VAT

Massage Chair - Massage Relax Chair

Relax Massage Chair

our price: £1,495
inc delivery & VAT

Massage Chair - Comfort Chair

Comfort Chair

start price: £1,849
inc delivery & VAT

able to buy