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Hot Spa – The Zambezi

RRP: £5520
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size 2000 x 2000 x 910 deep
Capacity 1000 litres

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Hot Tub Dealers: The Zambezi: OUR PARTY POOL!

In 2005 this pool has been totally redesigned. There is more space inside and more seating. It has no recliners so you can just sit around in the deep comfortable bucket seats and chat. The Zambezi is an amazing social and therapeutic experience.

Hot Tub Jets & Layout:

  • Accommodates 7-8 adults in comfort.
  • Pure hydrotherapy with a 47 jet system; 20 deep tissue massage jets, 3 neck jets, 4 foot jets, 16 air jets and 4 ozone/filtration jets.
  • Four deep bucket-type seats inside instead of recliners; 4 strategically loaded 'Hot Seats' comprising deep tissue massage jets in different configurations to apply hydrotherapy to the back, spine, neck & shoulders.

Hot Tub Heaters & Pumps:

  • A Balboa® intelligent 3 kw quick-recovery heater and Balboa® control system.
  • Circulation pump.
  • Two 4 Bhp two speed pumps supply over 550 litres per minute to the hydrotherapy system.
  • 24 hour circulation pump & Balboa® auto cycling via an easy clean 'top load' filter.
  • Ozonator® purification & touch pad pool light with 2 different colour lenses for any mood.
  • 2 hp warm air blower.

Hot Tub Structure:

  • A tough acrylic pool surface is reinforced with a marine grade fiberglass structure.
  • A super efficient heat loss protection system using energy saving sprayed foam inside the cabinet.
  • This 10 year guaranteed structure is beautifully finished all around in 100% Canadian cedar with lockable easy access doors.

Pool Cover:

  • A light weight colour matching 75mm insulated cover bi-folds to ensure ease of handling. Lockable.

Hot Tub Installation:

  • Requires a 16 amp single phase 230 Volt supply. All pools are supplied with an outdoor plug.
  • Full instruction manual, product warranty, technical support line & chemicals available. CE marked.

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