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Chemicals for Hot Tubs

Product Name, size and number Price quantity  
Chlorine Starter Kit - 4 Pack
includes 1kg of Chlorine Granules, 1.5kg Dry Acid, 1KG of Soda Ash, 1lt Anti Foam, 50 Test strips & Instruction Guide
Bromine Starter Kit - 9 Pack
includes 0.5kg Bromine Tablets, 1lt Cartridge Cleaner, 1lt Anti-Scale, 1lt Water Clarifier, 0.5lt Surface Cleaning Gel, 1lt Anti Foam, 1.5kg Dry Acid, 1kg Soda Ash, 1kg of Non-Chlorine Shock, 50 Test Strips & Instruction Guide.
Bromine Tablets 0.5kg - 183008
To sanitise the water
Chlorine Granules 1kg - 361618
To sanatise the water
Filter White Cartridge Cleaner 400g- 183002
To clean and degrease the filter
Anti-Scale 1 lt - 183003
To remove scale formation on the shell due to water imbalance
Water Clarifier 1lt-183004
To keep the water sparkling clean and clear
Scum Line Cleaner 500ml 183009
To clean the shell surface of the spa
Anti-Foam 1 lt 183006
To remove foaming due to build up of body oils
PH Reducer 1 lt 183000
To lower the ph value of the water
PH Increser 1kg - 183010
To raise the ph value of the water
Alkalinity Increaser 1kg - 183014
To raise the alkalinity of the water
Hardness Increaser 1kg - 183015
To raise the hardness of the water
Non Chlorine Shock 1kg - 183007
To remove combined chlorine (has no power to kill bacteria) from the water
Shock 1 kg - 157106
To combat the onset of legionella
Pool Test Strips (50) - 157107
To test the condition of the water
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