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Parasol - Solpara 2.5M

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size 2500 mm x 2500 mm

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Solar energy is the energy of the future, free and clean. Solpara parasols offer you the future now. Because Solpara is the first in Europe to come out with the 2.5m Solpara - a quality parasol based on solar energy.

"How do you mean?" we hear you thinking. Of course, parasols are primarily intended to provide shade when the sun shines. But the Solpara 2.5m offers more: as soon as dusk falls, the advanced 'solar light system' converts the energy absorbed during the day into cosy lighting. The heat is conserved under the fabric, so that you can continue to enjoy the lovely summer evening under your parasol.

This parasol also features solar LED lighting as standard. The 2.5m patented mechanisms ensure that you can open & close the parasol with ease. You can slant the shade and adjust the height for maximum flexibility. All day the handy solar power lighting system charges itself up, providing you with a soft lit cosy environment for your evenings. Comes with a protective cover.

The clever foot operated mechanism allows you to rotate the parasol through 360 degrees.

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  • Side pole parasol, with rotating device
  • Fabric : 300 g/m2 PA coated
  • 2500 mm x 2500 mm
  • Aluminium Pole 60 mm
  • 8 Aluminium Ribs 14 mm x 20 mm
  • Frame : champagne powder coated
  • g.w./n.w. : 33/29 kg
  • Dimension: 2200 mm x 300 mm x 180 mm
  • Height with ground anchor from floor to ribs 2050 mm
  • Height with cross foot from floor to ribs 2100 mm

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