Massage Chairs from O2Relax help neck, shoulders, and lower back, ensuring you will experience a massage that will relieve your body muscular tension.
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Massage Chair: Comfort Massage Chair

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The Main Features Of The Comfort Chair Include:

  • High quality detection sensors to assess your individual body size and allows you to select a vast range of functions to suit your mood and bodily needs.
  • ustomise your own massage with a selection of manual & preset programs.
  • Reclined facility allows 90 for leg adjustment and 65 for back recline.
  • 16 Cushioned Airbags with adjustable rollers & pressure pads for a revitalising full body massage.
  • Various speed settings including kneading, rolling & tapping.
  • Elegant design combined with Audio-Visual DVD Entertainment System including headphones.

What Are The Main Benefits Of The Comfort Chair?

Daily use of a Comfort Massage Chair can effectively combat symptoms of fatigue and insomnia. It will enable relaxation as well as promote muscular recovery. At the touch of a button and with minimal fuss, you can choose to revitalise the body areas you desire, whenever you want.

  • Aids blood circulation, muscular pain and stress relief.
  • Reduces neck and back pain.
  • Eliminates tension in the shoulders.
  • Alleviates lumbago.
  • Targets heavy and restless legs.
  • Assists in fighting infection.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Massage has been considered an essential daily routine for many cultures throughout history. However, only in recent years has such state of the art technology, allowed these forgotten benefits to be replicated, at a convenience that meets the needs of a modern lifestyle.

Types Of Massage


Tapping Massage

This provides a stimulating tapping action by precision positioning of the massage rollers.


Kneading Massage

The massage rollers perfectly simulate the hands of a professional masseur by performing a circulatory motion.

Knead and tapping-massage

Rolling Massage

Following in the essence of Shiatsu, this is excellent preparation for a massage session. Personalise the experience with the height and width selectors and the massage heads will move over the muscles of your back creating an excellent relaxing effect.

Dimensions: 79 (W) x 120 (H) x 118 (D) cm (approx). Allow up to 40cm front and rear to recline. Weight: 80kg (approx.

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