The Rio Grande is a hydrotherapy and aromatherapy hot tub featuring an AM/FM Stereo, CD player & Speakers.
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Hydrotherapy Hot Tub – The Rio Grande

RRP: £8990
including Delivery & VAT
size 2270 x 2270 x 910 deep
Capacity 1500 litres

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The Rio Grande now features aromatherapy, a music system with pop up speakers and a stylish new shape. Large water capacity with incredible hydrotherapy performance. Just amazing!

Jets & Layout:

  • 6-8 adults in Aromatherapy & Hydrotherapy; AM/FM Stereo + CD player pop up speakers.
  • Pure hydrotherapy with a 59 jet system; 39 deep tissue massage jets and 20 air jets. 2 shoulder & 2 deep tissue back massage jets; 2 leg jets in one recliner; 3 deep tissue back massage jets plus 6 micro jets plus 1 foot jet in other recliner; 2 massage jets and 4 body jets in seating; 3 deep tissue back massage jets plus 9 micro jets in hot seat with a 200 pulse master jet & 1 deep tissue foot jet controlled by a diverter.

Heaters & Pumps:

  • A Balboa® intelligent 3 kw quick-recovery heater and Balboa® control system.
  • Two 5 Bhp two speed water jet pumps supply over 550 litres per minute to hydrotherapy system.
  • One 24hr circulation pump & Balboa® auto cycling via an easy clean 'weir' filter.
  • A warm air 2 hp air blower system operable from waterproof touch pad at poolside with aromatherapy.
  • Ozonator® purification & 22 Spot LED edge colour cycle pool light system for any mood.
  • Two Waterfalls and powerful built in CD/FM music system.


  • A tough acrylic pool surface is reinforced with a marine grade fiberglass structure.
  • A super efficient heat loss protection system using energy saving sprayed foam inside the cabinet.
  • This 10 year guaranteed structure is beautifully finished all around in 100% Canadian cedar with lockable easy access doors.

Pool Cover:

  • A light weight colour matching 75mm insulated cover bi-folds to ensure ease of handling. Lockable.

Hot Tub Installation:

  • Requires a 32 amp single phase 230 Volt supply.
  • Full instruction manual, product warranty, technical support line & chemicals available. CE marked.

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